Welcome! And first of all- thank you so much for stopping by! It means the world to me!
 My name is Marta Esperanza and I am the author of mystical adventurer blog! I’m a professional photographer who began my career doing portrait shoots, e-commerce and weddings before travel blogging consumed my world. Taking travel photos and writing short posts has always been a hobby of mine- but I never considered it to be a career path for me until life pushed me in this direction. Through a series of unfortunate events, I actually discovered newfound love for this profession unlike anything else I’ve felt before. I’ve discovered the true power of blogging, how written words and photos can empower and inspire people! (Click this to read more about my blogging journey)
Now I want to share my experiences, photos and adventures with others, to hopefully inspire other travellers at heart! Especially those who do not have the blessing of perfect health, for which travelling is a concept that can be often incredibly challenging, stressful or even scary! Trust me, I’ve been there!
I like to explore all sorts of places, from mountains to seas, from cities to villages, forests to deserts! There’s beauty to be discovered everywhere! I do have a slight bias towards places full of nature though. Especially forests, mountains, lakes and wooden cottages! Add a cup of coffee to this equation and you’ve reached my ULTIMATE happy place.
I like beings amidst the chaos and intensity of exploring, but I do try to have some down time in special places to sit with a cup of coffee and read a book and just appreciate the beauty around me.
I love to move around and live in different places and countries. Right now, I’m based in Wales- surrounded by the sea, forests and the sheep  🙂
Thank you once again for stopping by! Please follow me on Instagram @mystical.adventurer to see some behind the scenes content and feel free to ask any questions! Alternatively you can reach my by e-mail!
Marta x

Marta relies on commissions, donations and print purchases to continue her work. For any business enquires please visit her contact page.