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Lanzarote- one of the Canary Islands is renowned for it’s stunning beaches, warm weather and vast volcanic landscape. Being a popular tourist destination, there is a great amount of places to see and things to experience. Whatever the nature of your trip, whether it’s meant to be a relaxing holiday or adventure and sightseeing- there is certain places that are a MUST SEE when you’re visiting Lanzarote. You can plan your own trips and travel out of your own accord or you can book one of many tours which will take you around the chosen hotspots. However it is you decide to travel, there’s places you simply shouldn’t miss while staying in Lanzarote- and here are some of them:


Reaching Los Hervidores, you pass a fishermans village where you can have freshest local fish dishes. Following the trail path you are met by dramatic red and black volcanic rocks with deep blue sea waves crashing into them and colourful boats settled on the shore. The view is so captivating, the waves crashing with such brute strength against sharp cliffs and rock formations. Just imagine the spectacular process of lava meeting the sea- and solidifying, making this stunning view of the cliffs we see today!  


Following the same path from Los Hervidores, you will come across another spectacular location! The El Golfo – Green Lagoon! You’ll have magnificent red and black lava rock formations surrounding you and in the middle of it all a vibrant green lake. This whole scenery seems out of this world. You will feel as if you’re another planet, perhaps mars? The green lake is positioned in the middle of a volcano. The volcano erupted centuries ago and got flooded – therefore creating the lake. Its connected with the ocean which helps maintain its water level and ensured the lake’s survival so that we can all see it today. The green colour is most likely due to the algae situated at the bottom of the lake and the vibrancy of it is truly breath-taking. If you want to avoid tourists, come here in the evening to enjoy the scenery without the rush of tours and admire the sunset and the golden glow, making the colours become even more vibrant.


Salinas del Janubio. A place where islanders work, to create salt which is consumed by locals or exported into other parts of the world. This place is so beautiful, the vibrancy of waters in shades of blue, green or turquoise- all interlined into one scenery. This specific salt land was created by the great eruptions of Lanzarote, which made a lagoon- allowing establishment of the salt flats. Ever since, the salt flats creation in 1895 the same family has been operating it. While so many salt flats have shut down due to technological advancements, this is one of the few still operating till this day on the island.


After walking around various shops and restaurants, settle at the beach and enjoy the local sunsets. Enjoy the warm air, the palm trees swinging with the wind and the sun shining bright making the sea glisten.  Come in the evening and watch as it starts getting darker and the sun begins setting in all its glory, displaying a view which could easily be a painting. Observe all the colours deepen and transform with the magnificent and dramatic lighting and painting the scenery- the sky, sea & volcanic mountains in the distance. It’s so beautiful so soak it all up! Perfect for those who like to relax!


The place with such vast history and the undeniable proof of the power of nature. As soon as you enter the park, you’re bombarded with picturesque views from every angle. If you are to choose only one place to see out of this list, choose this one! Volcanoes on every corner, lava land stretching for miles- it’ll seem as if you’ve entered the land of Mordor in Lord of the Rings. Timanfaya was created between the years 1730 to 1736 after over six years of almost continuous volcanic eruptions. More than 30 volcanoes exploded in that time. Due to the dry climate of Lanzarote, this lifeless area looks similar to how it did 300 years ago, with some exceptional areas where the force of life pushed through the dry lava rocks. You can book a tour that takes you around the park with a guide who will introduce you to history and interesting facts about this place, or you could rent a car to travel around freely, out of your own accord. Just remember, stepping outside of the vehicle is prohibited to preserve the natural flora and fauna of the area.

6. ISLOTE DE HILARIO- Volcano restaurant

As you drive through Timanfaya, don’t forget to stop at a volcano -Islote de Hilario to enjoy a peculiar volcanic scenery and exciting geothermal demonstrations. Watch a series of tests performed to show how, although this is a dormant volcano- it’s still full of life. From allowing grass to instantly burst into flames when put in the magma chamber all the way to pouring water into gazers and seeing steam shoot up with incredible force. After all that excitement, why not try some local dishes from restaurant el diablo, which are cooked using the volcano heat! It’ll be a great travel story to tell!


Visit the Lanzarote capital -Arrecife to explore beautiful harbours, coast and historical buildings. Visit San Gines church built in 1574, walk around a vibrant lagoon harbour, visit Castillo del San Gabriel which is a little castle built in 1574 to defend the Arrecife harbour from pirates and which has a fascinating history. Visit many museums and art galleries to immerse yourself more in the local culture. After day full of adventures, relax on the beautiful coast and enjoy some amazing beach views.


La Geria – a land dedicated to wine is definitely worth seeing. After eruptions of Lanzarote farmers struggled to farm anything due to the changed landscape of the island, utilising the new scenery, they found a new way to boost the agriculture of Lanzarote by producing wine! Admire the unique volcanic landscapes surrounded by wine pits, before going to La Geria winery which dates back to 19th century. There, you can listen to the interesting history of this winery and the process of wine making. Have a little taste of the locally made wine and perhaps even grab a bottle home!


On the way to Haria, stop off at a wonderful viewpoint – Mirador de Guinate. Admire all the mountain views with clouds hanging just above your head and see the Chinijo Archipelago which is a cluster of small islets of Montaña Clara, Alegranza, La Graciosa, Roque del Este and Roque del Oeste. It’s a stunning view and most definitely worth a see while on your journey!


Haria, valley of 1000 palms is surrounded by island’s tallest mountain range. Standing at 670 metres at the tallest point. It’s an incredible place for all types of hikes with rewarding viewpoints, often showcasing an entire island of Lanzarote. Make sure to check the weather reports and come on a sunny, clear day as these elevated parts of the island, are often covered my mist and clouds. This place has a lot to offer, starting from exploring this villages’ traditional buildings and beautiful architecture, you’ll be able to visit a market to get some handmade trinkets, perhaps have a cup of coffee and relax at the local cafes or visit the Cesar Manrique House Museum. Visit Monte Corona – a dramatic volcanic crater or Cueva De Los Verdes- stunning lava tunnels. Enjoy many viewpoints involving those at Los Helechos where on a sunny day you can enjoy a wonderful view and perhaps a cup of tea in the café on top of this viewpoint.


Undeniably a MUST SEE! Jameos del Agua another stunning wonder of nature on this island enhanced by the artist Cesar Manrique. Island’s volcano eruptions created a series of caves & tunnels in this location with a stunning interior lake caused by infiltrating sea water from Atlantic ocean close by, in this midnight-blue lake you will find blind- albino crabs, the only place that has them in the entire world! Emerging from the caves you’ll see a little piece of paradise, surrounded by volcano walls, featuring a blue lagoon and a massive palm tree. This space has everything, beauty of nature and beauty of art. Explore some of the buildings and caves which reveal restaurants, cafes, volcanology centres or auditorium which holds music concerts. Avoid busy hours to enjoy this place more without the distraction of crowds, or even come here on one of the evenings to enjoy a romantic dinner, a concert or many other events held in this place.

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