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Welcome back everyone,

Today I will share with you, one of my adventures from a few years ago. I’m not going to call it a travel journey as it wasn’t something I planned out of my own accord, but rather a work trip that took me to Ireland for two days. I was so excited to go, and though a big chunk of time would be spent working, I was already planning my schedule to see how much I could experience in that short time- span.

I took a plane journey from Cardiff airport, where with the flight tickets so ridiculously overpriced, I was placed in the smallest plane I’ve ever been on. This however was very exciting for me, because being a fan of flying, smaller plane meant more turbulence- which to me- translates as more fun. There were barely any people on the plane, some men in business suits, a mother with a child and an elderly couple. Maybe 9 of us in total. I sat admiring the views from the window and enjoying the occasional shakes of the plane. Every movement and turn of the plane were felt more, because of its small size- and I was enjoying every minute of it.

 After landing and getting the hire car, I headed straight for Dublin. Walking around the city streets, I was mesmerized by all the stunning architecture of this place. I headed to a noodle bar and had some much-needed food to recharge before continuing with my exploring. I walked through the streets looking at different interesting shops, even though I had no intention of buying anything… Ultimately, I headed to an indoor market and struck a few conversations with the friendly locals.

Then it was time, to head to the National Wax Museum. It’s one of the places that was highly recommended to see in the area. I’ve only ever been to one wax museum, that was so low-budget it was genuinely hilarious, and the sculptures looked nothing like the people they were meant to be. I thought that this would be a good experience to fully admire the craftsmanship of wax sculpting, making up for my last mediocre experience.

I was so excited once inside, that I was bolting from room to room, trying to see as much as possible like a maniac. The corridors were like a maze and took me to different themed rooms- showcasing the wax statues from different eras, myths and historic events. I learned later that there was an actual order of the rooms to be seen in, but I often walk my own ways and this time it was no different… hehe

The sculptures looked amazing, in my opinion- though as mentioned before- I don’t really have much to compare them to. In my eyes it was a massive improvement from my first wax museum experience. I was admiring all the details, not just in their faces but also their outfits, accessories, hands, all the way to the fingernails. It’s impressive- the way that the makers of these statues, paid attention to different textures and features- adding dimension and therefore an aspect of realism to the sculptures.

Having a significant interest in mythology from all around the world -I thoroughly enjoyed all the descriptions of the portrayed historical and especially mythological figures. I spent a good chunk of time reading Irish mythological stories that I haven’t heard of before, until I decided it was time to move on to the remaining sections… because, there were A LOT.

I sped through several rooms of the museum, until I got to the horror chambers. Those I found the most interesting. Of course, the first on show -were classical horror folklore creatures such as Dracula and Frankenstein. I liked that this section of the museum was more of an interactive experience rather than a simple display. The dimly lit and heavily decorated rooms, featured these sculptures that would somewhat ‘’come to life’’. For example, the Frankenstein sculpture would sit up every few seconds, screaming while electricity sounds buzzed in the background. It felt as if I entered a haunted house and I loved it!

Hanging out with Freddy…

For more examples, there was a scene of a prisoner getting electrocuted for which you had to pull the lever, once you did, the prisoner let out a an angry scream while getting up as if he was to break free and come for you. More rooms involved movie characters such as Freddy Krueger or Hannibal Lecter. Where the statues weren’t moving or jump-scaring you- they were available for a photo opportunity, which I certainly took advantage of. The rooms were very dark and atmospheric, I’d say beware if coming with kids or if you’re easily triggered, as some rooms could be a bit too gory. Precisely one with ripped ‘flesh’ and stripped female body hanging from the ceiling in a cross-dressing murderer/psychopath themed section of the chambers.

After that horror adventure, I moved onto the enchanted forest section. It brought a particularly magical atmosphere, after the previously sinister scenes. Apart from the Teletubbies section which was my type of a horror scene… (hate these guys) hehe.

What I found especially cute, was the small Santa house with him sleeping inside. His animatronic chest and belly were moving in breathing motion and the sounds of him snoring blared through the speakers. There was a wall of kid’s letters and wishes attached to it. Occasionally there was some adult entries such as from a 23 year old Isabelle who wrote – ‘’ I want to be happy’’. Adulthood at its finest. I think we can all relate. hehe

Following there were some educational science rooms, with entertaining and sometimes interactive displays- especially for kids. Though, I’d say the displays weren’t that much different than the ones in horror chamber …. Hehe. Like for example, the anatomical skeleton with muscle and some organs displayed or literally a box of wax fingers.

One of the last rooms was a celebrity room where a variety of singers, actors and movie characters were displayed. It was a great room to finish on. I thoroughly enjoyed this place and recommend stepping by especially if you’re in the area anyway.

At this point, it was time to leave the city, but not before refuelling with some coffee. I sat for a minute outside the cafe, taking in the beautiful architecture around me while drinking a warm cup of coffee- one of my favourite things to do. Then I headed to the hotel I was staying at, passing some truly beautiful sunset views.

I arrived at the Radisson Blu hotel and I was stunned again, just by the sheer size of the land it was on). It was by far one of the poshest places I stayed in, up to date (because I’m not able to justify spending that much money on a room, ever). The place was so big that there was a pick-up spot at the car park, so that a chauffeur in a golf cart could drive you to the actual hotel.

The building was magnificent and the rooms too! I soaked up this experience as much as I could, knowing it was a rare occurrence and might not happen again. I have to say that I had the most rested night sleep and the following morning was welcomed by staff for breakfast in bed. I enjoyed my fried omelette before heading out to work. After work I headed out to explore some of the hotel grounds.

I started walking through the pathways, into the depths of the forest and was again -amazed that the hotel ground involves an actual forest with different walk paths that kept on stretching on for miles. Eventually I reached a little turning to the path which revealed a truly marvellous lake!

The bright blue water reflected the clouds in the sky, the trees surrounding the lake- gently swayed in the wind, two swans swam gracefully across the lake and the dragonflies flew by. This place was so serene, so calm, I instantly wanted to just stay there forever. I sat down enjoying the warmth of the evening sunshine and the sounds of birds singing, blue and green shades dominating the scene. Later I took out my book, sat on the swing chair and read on for hours. Since not that many people passed by, I felt as if I had an entire place all to myself. The one thing that was lacking of course, was a coffee in my hand.

I went back to the hotel after a while to have some food but decided to return around 9pm for the sunset. It simply could not be missed. In the darker light, everything seemed transformed. The blue hue took over with the purple flowers beaming against the dark scenery.

I sat again close to the lake and watched the colours transform into deep blue and purple shades with silhouettes of trees surrounding me. It was such a calm and serene view, with only a sound of crickets carrying in the gentle breeze. I admired each detail in this wonderful scenery until it turned dark and it was time to head back.

I used my phone’s flashlight to try and light the way through the dark forest, which was quite fun in theory, if not for the fact that I felt a little disorientated and didn’t know whether I’m walking back in the right direction. Everything looked so different at night and it was hard to spot the trail signs, but eventually I managed to get back into the hotel, crossing more beautiful scenery, such as a lone tree with the mist settled calmly on the ground on the nearby field.

I knew I had an early flight next day, but I decided to head to a cinema for a movie, where I found myself captivated by the art on the walls, it was quite unusual to the typical sleek design of cinemas I’ve been in so far. Once the movie ended, I didn’t want the fun to end so I headed to the hotel garden area and with a small drink I just sat down, breathing in some more of fresh air and memorising all the beauty I witnessed that day. I wished I had more time to explore Ireland, as managing to see such minimal amount of places- I was already stunned by its beauty. I was so sad to leave this place but vowed to come back again with more time on my hands and dedicate it to exploring as much as I can!

Hope you enjoyed this blog!

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