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Today I bring you some of my autumn adventures. It’s no secret that autumn is my second-favourite season, just after spring. It’s a time where nature shows us the utter beauty of transformation, shedding old layers gracefully – getting ready for something new. The two opposites, nature being re-born and nature dying…. How can both be so equally beautiful? It’s a truly magical time.

Ever since I was a kid, I had my little autumn rituals, I’d go to the forest across the road from me and pick conkers, acorns, and leaves for crafting at home. I’d help my family with harvest in our backfield, picking fruits and vegetables to later make conserves for the winter. And we’d have bonfires at night, with some baked potatoes and great chats.

Now, my autumn looks a little different. Cosy sweaters, hot coffee, afternoons spent in the forest amongst bright fiery- coloured scenery to do some foraging and admire nature. Only to return home and snuggle up with my cat and a good book or a movie.

Today I thought I will share with you one of my simple autumn road trips- going on a hunt for some pumpkins! I hope it inspires you and gets you in this special, cosy, autumn mood!

I woke up early in the morning, eager to go to a pumpkin farm. It was a cloudy day, but even with a slight grey haze, all the colours of the trees were vibrant in shades of orange and red. Fiery and dynamic. I was driving through the small swirly roads, awaking the leaves that have already fallen on the road. They danced around, leading me through Welsh lands, fields dotted with sheep, snuggling up in herds to keep warm and stone-built cottages that are probably centuries old with smoke coming from the chimneys.

With my window rolled down…. I was breathing in fresh crisp autumn air, occasionally stopping on the side of the road, to capture the beauty I was seeing, admire it, fully embracing the moment. I felt snug in my cozy sweater, holding a warm pumpkin spice coffee in my hand… my annual autumn tradition.

I stood there admiring it all, the trees, the hills, the lakes and gentle haze from the cold that is creeping up to soon take over. I was mesmerized in the stillness of it all… everything was quiet apart from occasional rattle of the leaves in the wind or the birds chirping away.

The place I was heading to -Llynclys Hall Farm, was located 2 hours away from me. I love driving there because of all the beautiful views I pass on the way and also their incredibly big pumpkin display, which they put on each year.

I’ve arrived and noticed the pumpkin farm was filled with families. Children were scattered everywhere, attempting to pick pumpkins and carrying them in their mini barrels. Some looked at me, with my red hair and black hat and smiled very widely…. I assume they thought I was part of the Halloween attraction dressed the way I was!

I walked around the field, looking for perfect 2 pumpkins- for cooking and for carving. Then entering the main pumpkin display, which was as stunning as the year before. The atmosphere was amazing, near the farm shop there was hot soup and drinks served outside. The fresh-veggie farm shop was open with some organic goodies. Of course, I couldn’t resist picking some vegetables and homemade conserves. One of the owners handed over a bag of my goodies, thanking me for the purchase and giving me the biggest smile. I love places like this- family-run businesses with a touch of a warm atmosphere and passion for what they do.

After my haul, it was time to start heading back. Every year I find myself surprised at the amount of daytime we lose in autumn. It felt as if the day just started but the sun was already starting to set.

Driving back for 2 hours, I encountered some stunning golden sunset views as the shadows began creeping in. I watched the sunset disappear behind the hills, and its beautiful colours fade and dim with grace. In a blink of an eye- the day has passed and the night was starting to set upon my return home.

I spent the late evening finishing baking some sourdough bread. The scent of bread baking filled the cottage. I lit a few candles, made myself a cappuccino and picked up a book to read. The evening was so peaceful and calm, coffee in one hand, book in another and my cat purring on my lap. So grateful for the little cosy moments like this.

As the night went on, I decided to treat myself to some Halloween themed movies. It was a perfect way to get into the October mood and end the day.


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