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Today I take you to London, where I enjoyed my New Year celebrations sightseeing in the city. Visiting Camden Town, stumbling across an artistic quirky house, visiting the British Museum and having some Prosecco by Albert Bridge.

 London is such an incredible place with so much to see. However, many of my trips there so far, have been centered around work or catching a plane- never having enough time to explore the city. This time I planned in advance and gave myself an extra day to cross some places off my list!

The British Museum

So let’s begin! The first stop is the British Museum!

The great thing about it is that you can stand there mesmerized by the stunning architecture even before entering. This makes extremely long lines and waiting time bearable. The big building with massive roman style pillars is a jaw-dropper…. And then you enter the building and get sucked into the world of posh statues, old historic books, and a LOT of shiny marble. Marble walls, marble floors, marble pillars, marble stairs… just wow.

One advice I can give to anyone who’d like to visit is to come super early and pick the sections you’d like to explore most. As one day is not near enough to see all of its valuable contents. I knew what I wanted to see most – Egyptian History. But of course, I still got held up in a massive room of mixed artifacts before I even got to the Egyptian section.

Disclaimer: These images involve bodies that have been in the process of mummification

I stood there for a second, not knowing which way to go, being completely overwhelmed with the museum’s extensive collection of artifacts. Mummies, skeletons, hieroglyphs, statues, caskets, etc.  I began the journey immersing myself in Egyptian history and ancient Egyptian rituals. Like, reading about burial rituals- the process of removing the organs from the body and preserving it, with various tools used for that also displayed. The caskets, mummies and skulls were scattered around the place, each one fascinating yet worthy of giving someone the nightmare material.

At times I found myself feeling so surreal. I was there, in the same room with only glass between myself and an artifact that was made thousands of years ago and was handled by hundreds of significant people. I was there looking at skulls and mummies that thousands of years ago were living, thriving people. Time was just a surreal concept, a thin line- just like that glass between me and the object I was looking at. An old memory of my childhood popped into my head- where I wanted to become an archaeologist. And while my career path certainly strained from that, the passion and fascination remained. The excitement and joy I felt while exploring this place is hard to describe.

Spending so much time in the Egyptian section of the museum, I had barely any time to explore the rest of it, I did manage to sprint across different sections to see Picasso’s work and the Asian history section of the museum. The Asian section was mesmerizing in arts, colours and so much fascinating history. I could have easily spent an entire day in that museum and still not be able to see everything it has to offer. To be able to absorb all that knowledge and beauty.

I headed out of the museum and made my way through the city on the way to the next location. But not before finding a cafe and refueling with some black coffee. The slogan outside this coffee shop read: ”May your coffee kick in before the reality does!”. Mine kicked in just in time hehe.

Brunswick House

On the way back to the car, I stumbled across a beautiful building with some cherub sculptures in the garden, surrounded by a variety of green plants.  And of course, I was instantly drawn in, wanting to check this place out. It was Brunswick House. Beautiful house with a historical background that was filled with numerous vintage items, most of which had price tags on. You can book a room in this place or choose to dine in the restaurant next door.

The scruffy, aged yet classy appearance got me wishing I knew about it sooner so that I could have more time to explore it. That’s the wonderful thing about London… it’s filled with beautiful, original and quirky places like this… just waiting to be discovered!

I walked from room to room, mesmerized by all the décor like crystal chandeliers or vintage paintings. The layout of everything was a bit manic, but through all that chaos, somehow everything looked like it was exactly where it was meant to be. I got a serious hint of Alice in Wonderland atmosphere.

I sadly, couldn’t stay too long in this place, as the next location was waiting.

Camden Town

The place renowned for its artistic and edgy streets filled with punk and rock shops and food places . Numerous artists are drawn to explore this place…just like me.

Driving to Camden, the city’s aesthetic faded from grand and posh architecture to more worn out and smaller buildings. The place was covered in stunning graffiti art, and the quirk was certainly present. The shops, all squeezed next to each other, painted in different colours and having massive sculptures sticking out of them. It was an interesting aspect that made the place more unique.

Despite various exciting details about this place, I found that it was a bit lacking in atmosphere. The majority of shops were overpriced in their items, the sellers kept waiting outside of shops and try to haggle. My excitement sparked, going into the Camden Market which was filled with various small artist booths. Sadly, the excitement quickly diminished. The sellers looked completely miserable- here I got the feeling that they just wanted me to go away. 

I carried on to the food court part of Camden where you can find every cuisine imaginable. It is a very hyped-up aspect of Camden, and I have to say that I would probably return just for the opportunity to try some more unique dishes! I picked a highly recommended place, which sadly took over 30 minutes to get my order ready. The hamburger I ordered tasted amazing but whether that was due to its taste or the fact I was starving at this point … I can’t tell.

I think the most enjoyable aspect of this place I found, was seeing the people this place was drawing in. As I sat down, eating my burger and drinking some coffee- I watched so many people with unique outfits rushing about. Their clothes being an expression of their personalities, it was so interesting to see so many unique styles!

I then headed off to have a sweet treat, which lifted me up even more. I decided to have a bubble waffle cone (which I HIGHLY recommend). There was a selection of different fillings, for which I picked- chocolate, blueberries, strawberries, white chocolate drizzle and some whipped cream.

It. Was. Beautiful. The presentation and the taste, although a simple concept, it was so delicious that suddenly everything felt right in the world.

NEW YEARS and Albert Bridge

Because I was preparing for the London journey on December 31st- I didn’t actually manage to celebrate properly. And yes, I might have not done a countdown to midnight- but it was still January 1st, so the New Year celebration is still on, right?

As the end of the day hit, I headed over to the nearest Tesco and got a tiny cheap bottle of Prosecco. It didn’t feel right drinking it in the hotel room, so I headed over to the infamous London Albert Bridge. This stunning bridge, truly looked as if taken out of a fairy tale. Standing on it, with all the lights twinkling I was mesmerised by its golden beauty. Though it wasn’t that late, this part of the city was surprisingly empty (perhaps people were still recovering from a New Years’ hangover). Occasionally a few cars passed, but apart from that, it was very quiet and peaceful.

I sat down at the bench in the park next to it and watched this beautiful bridge and the skyline views while sipping on some Prosecco. I was savouring this sweet moment of crisp and cold January air, complete quiet and beautiful city views. After it got too cold and Prosecco wasn’t helping anymore, I decided to head back to the hotel. It was time to get some rest for an early journey back.

I had a wonderful time in London. Seeing the museum, exploring that quirky vintage house, having good coffee and the bubble waffle as well as drinking Prosecco at Albert Bridge. It was a magical experience and such a great way to begin the year. I already can’t wait for my next trip to London, to explore even more beautiful places!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading,

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