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Today we will explore magical Welsh forests in all their winter charm on this special hike! Snow is a rare occurrence in the UK. That’s why, when it comes- I use every opportunity I can to get outdoors and cherish the winter scenery. There’s something truly magical about those stone Welsh cottages covered in the blanket of white snow with smoke coming out of the chimneys.


However, the fascination with snowy landscapes turns to worry as soon as you embark on small country roads that are covered in ice. Driving to the chosen destination, I came across a rather large hill that was completely covered in ice. The wheels span crazily and the car wouldn’t budge. I was stuck.

There was no other way around this hill. So, I parked the car at the bottom of the hill, left a small village of Llanafan behind and started hiking up into the unknown.

I could see the forest in the distance, which I’ve never explored before. And even though it was different from the original destination I planned for the day, I surely wasn’t disappointed with the views! This de-tour turned out to be more rewarding than I’d have imagined.


The sky was clear with the sun shining brightly, but high hills surrounding me, kept me in the shadows. I was at a marvel over the beautiful scenery everywhere I looked. Thick blanket of snow covered everything. Even individual branches on trees were embellished in white snowy lining.

Eventually, I reached an entrance to the forest and felt as if I was in a fairytale. Completely surrounded by postcard-worthy views everywhere I looked. Even though it was the coldest day in a while, the excitement kept me warm. With a happy spring in my step, I began my journey deeper into the forest.


Consumed by forest depths, the scenery got darker as I carried on walking. The dark forest views were worthy of being a setting for a horror movie. The atmosphere I felt it is indescribable. I kept on a lookout in case any magical creatures started emerging from the depths of dark trees hehe

The moody setting carried on for a big portion of the journey. These areas of the forest were completely untouched by the sun. The cold pinched my cheeks and my fingers started getting numb as I carried on walking.

Eventually, sunshine started making an appearance in between the branches. The golden sun rays dominated the forest scenery, making a view that will truly stay with me forever. I spent a lot of time just admiring in complete awe. Happiness flowed right through me, fuelling my excitement.


The forest began thinning out and I reached a viewpoint. Sun made the snow glisten and sparkle. I sat on the bench, embracing the atmosphere and the beautiful view of Welsh valleys. Everything was so quiet and still. I immersed myself in the beauty of nature, the fresh cold, crisp air and warmth of the sun, warming up my frozen cheeks. I loved every moment of that experience.

After spending some time breathing in the fresh air, I carried on walking along the path- admiring even more of the snowy landscapes. The scenery got even more magical when I heard birds singing in this specific part of the forest. I even spotted a little robin high in the trees that flew over and landed on a branch close to me. I didn’t want this moment to end but 4 pm was approaching and so was a sunset.


Eventually, I left the forest behind and started walking down the road to reach the car. I took my time, careful of the slippery ice which coated the road. Walking downhill, I saw beautiful sunset hues emerging. Golden colors started showing through thick clouds that covered the sky.

This view of the clouds, with snowy forest and mountain landscapes, was the perfect way to end this trip. I stood there in absolute awe, admiring this scenery. Really fast, the temperature dropped significantly so on the way back to the car, I already planned my next destination- a coffee shop. The perfect way to warm up and re-energize.

Carefully driving, I left the village of Llanafan behind. On the way to the coffee shop, I kept thinking about the utmost beauty of nature that I just experienced. There’s so much charm in snowy winters, especially in Wales. Once I arrived at the coffee shop, I ordered a strong toffee flavored cappucino. And with that, this magical day was complete.

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