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Welcome back everyone!

Having lived in Wales for a number of years now, I consider myself very lucky. The number of places that I yet to discover here is never ending. Even on my daily walks I find something new each time, that I haven’t noticed before. Wales has many layers to it, it has mountains, forests and the sea. And living in such a wonderful place has many perks. One of them being -experiencing this beautiful scenery in all the seasons, and a variety of weather. I always say UK has a generally stable weather pattern – of rain and clouds- throughout all the seasons. We do get some sunny days which are wonderful and people are quick to go out and enjoy the sunshine in all it’s rarity and glory. I- however, equally enjoy moody weather also.

The clouds in the sky, mist and gentle rain. Especially on warmer days where all the smells of nature rise and refresh your mind and soul. And this was one of those days. It’s no secret that I have a slight bias to moody and mysterious atmosphere, but this comes with a lot of advantages. One being, that it tends to be less busy on those days, so I can shoot and explore more freely.

I guess if you are to take away anything from this blog, is that next time you think you are stuck indoors as the weather ‘’sucks’’ – step outside and take a few deep breaths, go on a walk, explore and look around you to see all the little beautiful things. The droplets of rain on leaves, the trees gently swaying in the wind, the refreshing air. I’ve come across a lot of people that get discouraged by lack of sunshine. If you are one of those people, step out of your comfort zone and open your eyes to unique beauty, those rainy days have to offer!

With that lets start this blog. The day didn’t start with the intention of exploring, but rather – going on a short walk in Aberystwyth area. I drove over, with the idea of grabbing a coffee, walking around and then relaxing in the infamous castle ruins because the atmosphere of the day was just perfect for that.

After getting my coffee, I went for a short stroll around the castle. The norman castle ruins based in Aberystwyth are a very common tourist attraction and also a popular hang-out place of the local youth. Of course, on this day it was empty :).

The castle dates back to 1277, called a Tan-y-castell, Aberrheidol Castle. It has a rich but dark history. Many times being burned down to the ground by Welsh kings and rulers due to conflict and scandal before being re-built again. Then also a demolition came from an English Civil War which once again, left the place devastated.

I find it fascinating how something which has been attempted to be burned down to the ground, was re-built so many times, to the point where it could still exist today.

The attempts of demolition accomplished nothing ultimately, leaving these haunting features to enrich the coastal Welsh town, and allowing the people of today to appreciate it’s beauty… I wonder if all those people who put effort into re-building it, knew how much of a big role they were playing for the future ahead.

I circled around the haunting castle remains, admiring the view of the coast and the town of Aberystwyth. I also sat, and let the fresh wind, which smelled of sea water to hit my face, refreshing my mind and soul while I was drinking my coffee- absolutely loving life! Then it was time to move along.

Now we’re jumping ahead to a small hill with a footpath that had a ‘’lighthouse’’ looking structure standing tall on top of it. I never had a chance to see what exactly it was and wanted to discover it for myself (so I didn’t look it up on the internet, to savour the element of surprise) hehe.

I started walking up the hill, admiring the surrounding views of Aberystwyth town in the distance and the seaside stretching in front of me. It was getting close to sunset so the colours and clouds started shifting and opening up in some areas. The wind picked up, but that fresh, cold air was a complete pleasure while getting all hot and sweaty walking up. The walk is reasonably short, though it always takes me longer, as I stop a lot to take photos. I’d say that without distractions at a calm pace, it takes you to the peak in about 20 minutes.

Reaching the top, hoping for a nice lighthouse, I was disappointed to find that it was a monument statue only. What made me feel better was a little girl that ran up to it asking her mom ‘’where is the door?’’ to which she answered ‘’there isn’t one’’ to which the little girl summed up excitedly ‘’OHHH! IT MUST BE A MAGIC DOOR’’. That was such a sweet thing to witness. I sat down on one of the platforms of the monument to admire the sunset views.

It was definitely a right call to come here for the sunset, as the sky opened up a bit from the clouds, revealing beautiful and delicate hues of gold. The flocks of birds were making beautiful shapes in the sky. I watched the sunset until it started getting dark and it was time to start heading down the hill.

I thought the day was done in terms of exploring, until I saw a small abandoned building amidst tidy suburbs that grasped my interest while I was walking down. So, I headed over to see what I was missing. I squeezed through the partially broken gate and discovered that this was an abandoned church!

The structure of it was quite unusual, and very artistic, it had interesting pillars surrounding it. I walked all around to see of I can find any ways that I could get it, however, everything was boarded up shut with no chance of squeezing in. I could almost imagine how interesting it is on the inside.

As the darkness started rolling in, so did the deep shadows, it was tough to capture all that gloomy landscape surrounding me without a tripod to stabilise the shots. But, I do believe you get the gist of it. The scene was getting darker and darker and I decided it was time to head back home. I had such a great time and explored new places that I would not discover- if I decided to stay at home on this rainy day!

Hope you enjoyed this post and that it inspires you to go out exploring! Please don’t forget to comment your thoughts and share this blog!

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See you again,

 Marta x


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