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Today we are going into the depths of the Welsh forest for a perfect autumn afternoon. It’s no secret, that it’s the forests and mountains where I feel most happy, where I’m able to tap into the internal peace, feel endless flows of positivity and gratitude. It’s where I feel most at home.

Lucky for me, Wales has an abundance of forests and hiking trails. Yet, even after so many years of living in Wales, I still only scratched the surface in exploring them all. So, this day I decided to grab a flask of freshly brewed coffee and head on to a place I haven’t been to before.

On this crisp autumn morning, the air was so fresh with a gentle breeze rattling the trees from time to time, perfect for exploring.

Into The Forest

I already knew that this was going to be an amazing route as soon as I began walking down the path and was met by the most beautiful, vibrant autumn scenery. The needles of larch trees have transformed into such vibrant, almost luminescent shades of yellow and orange. This brought so much contrast to cold green pine trees that were surrounding them. I admired this wonderful view – an autumn fairytale came to life. I found myself jumping in joy (literally), making all sorts of squeaky noises like the dork that I am. Getting drunk from the fresh air and stunning views. Suddenly, I got a special spring in my step, my lungs felt light and my soul was alive…. It was as if the magic of the place lifted my heavy, over-worked outer shell of my entity.

Admiring all the small details surrounding the place, the pine cones hanging off the tree branches, the mushrooms scattered in random places amongst a green, soft moss. I experienced moments of sheer amazement, like when witnessing a little yellow/orange tree almost glowing, luminously in the dark forest depths. There wasn’t any sun shining on it, the vibrancy of the leaves alone was giving it this vibrant glow.

Feeling Connected

 I found myself immersed in the harmony of everything around me. Touching the leaves, the ground, the tree barks. Smelling the moss, pine trees and the crisp fresh air around me. Looking at the patterns of leaves, small plants and mushrooms. Listening to the silence, interrupted only by the gentle sounds of nature. The rustle of leaves falling down, the birds singing, the sounds of sheep on the field, water passing by in the small streams.

It felt like peaceful whispers, soothing to the mind and soul. I let my senses connect to the beauty of nature surrounding me. I fully immersed myself in the moment, and loved it dearly.

As hours of walking were adding up, I started seeing more open landscapes. Emerging from the forest depths I found myself taking a detour from the path (some fence jumping was necessary). And was slowly becoming surrounded by vast fields with Welsh hills hazed in the distance. The sky began clearing up, shining a light that made the dried up grass seem almost golden.

Sitting down on the rock, I watched the peaceful scenery in front of me for a bit. Taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly I felt a cloud in my mind lift, allowing for some clarity in my ever-so chaotic thoughts. I’ve always felt that- the presence of nature in my life is vital to my well-being. It’s a part of me, it allows me to connect with myself on a deeper level, connect with the world around me and connect with God. My perspective on life shifts, taking away the attention of the less significant things and pointing to what’s really important. My heart gets overflown with feelings of humbleness, positivity and gratitude.

Do you connect with Nature?

Each moment and small detail around me became more precious and meaningful. I truly wonder how many people do that. When going on nature walks with their families or dogs- I notice it often becomes a chore, it’s about getting from point A to point B. But how many people stop along the way to admire the little wonders of nature? A small leaf on the ground with incredible colours, a little pretty mushroom, patterns in the tree bark, or the clouds. How many people stop to smell the flowers and touch the soft petals? Get lost in the songs of birds? How many people appreciate what’s around them, and are really ‘’ in the moment’’? If you are one of those people, comment below!

We are often so consumed in our everyday lives, that we forget to slow down, look around and enjoy the little things.

We all tend to be in our own head a lot, consumed by life so that sometimes we forget to LIVE. Constantly thinking about the end goal and forgetting about enjoying the JOURNEY. Sometimes in order to clear the mind – you have to step outside of it, you have to allow yourself to focus on the beauty surrounding you, connect with it. And a lot of time if you do that- the thoughts align and allow for more clarity. Perhaps it’s something you can consider on your next nature walk?

Returning to my walk, which took about 3 hours, counting in my peaceful admiring, photo capturing and ‘’adrenaline-filled’’ fence jumping – I was ready to head on home. It was sad to part with this beautiful place but the thought of another hazelnut-flavored dark coffee was something I looked forward to.

Tell me more about you! Do you also feel a deep connection to nature? Do you stop to appreciate the small wonders of it? Or are you planning to try in the future? Let me know your thoughts!

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Marta x

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